Rickmers Maritime

Cargo Ship

Rickmers Trust Management Pte. Ltd. is the Trustee-Manager. The Trustee-Manager was incorporated in Singapore under the Companies Act on 6 November 2006. Our operations are managed by the Trustee-Manager under the supervision of the Board, consisting of four directors, three of whom are independent. The Trustee-Manager employs a chief executive officer and a chief financial officer, together with all staff necessary to operate our business.

The Trustee-Manager is responsible for safeguarding the interests of our Unitholders, formulating and implementing our investment and financing strategies, asset acquisition and disposal policies, and carrying out the overall daily management of our business and affairs. The Trustee-Manager's obligations and responsibilities are set out in the Trust Deed and the Business Trusts Act. The Trustee-Manager will manage our business pursuant to the terms of the Trust Deed. The Trust Deed contains three management components: (i) strategic management, (ii) administrative management and (iii) ship management, in addition to setting out trustee services.

Strategic management includes, among other services, identifying customers and negotiating charters, as well as advising on and carrying out vessel acquisitions and dispositions, chartering strategies and financing. Administrative management includes, among other services, support services for accounting, legal, human resources, employee benefit administration, health and safety services. Ship management services include, among other services, crewing, technical ship management and vessel maintenance, drydocking, commercial management and obtaining insurance.

The Trustee-Manager has outsourced the ship management for the Contracted Fleet to Rickmers Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (the "Ship Manager") and the fees payable to the Ship Manager for such services will be paid for from the Trust Property.

The Trustee-Manager has an issued and paid-up capital of US$250,000. Its registered office and principal place of business is at 8 Shenton Way, #42-03, Singapore 068811, and its telephone and facsimile numbers are +65 6506 6960 and +65 6506 6961, respectively. Its email address is mail@rickmers-maritime.com